Christmas traditions

Over the years we’ve picked up a few Christmas traditions from friends of other cultures.  About 25 years ago, I went Christmas shopping with a friend who was born in Holland.  We stopped at a little Dutch import shop in Edmonton to pick up chocolate initials, one of her family’s special Christmas treats.  I decided that they would make great stocking stuffers and one of our enduring Christmas traditions was born.  Some years they’ve been easy to find but other years the search has been long and difficult.  Not once, though, have we failed to find them in time for Christmas.

Today I’m making French Canadian tourtiere, a delicious meat pie.  It’s one of our traditions that was born several years later when we spent Christmas in Cranbrook with our dear friends, Joan and Rod and their boys.  Every Christmas Eve, Joan, who was of French Canadian descent, served tourtiere for supper.  Though I had never made it before, I found a recipe the following year and we’ve eaten it for Christmas Eve dinner ever since.

I wonder if next year we’ll find something Japanese to incorporate in our ensuing Christmases.  I understand that there is very little Christian influence in Japan and that Christmas is, for the most part, simply a commercial endeavor but perhaps there will be something that we can adopt.

Happy Christmas to all!


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