Last night, we had the privilege of sharing Christmas dinner with Lita, a live in nanny from the Philippines who came to Calgary two months ago.  Prior to coming to Canada, Lita was nanny/helper to our friends, Tess and Charles, in Hong Kong helping care for their four young children, Sebastian and his triplet siblings, Jasper, Sela and Carys.  We first met Lita two and a half years ago when she came to Canada with Tess and the children for a summer visit.   We saw her again this past summer when the family was once again in Canada.  This time, we also met her husband, De.  De continues to work in Hong Kong and their 3 year old daughter is in the Philippines where she has been cared for by Lita’s sister most of her life.  Lita will have to work in Canada for 3 years before she is able to sponsor her husband and child so that they can finally be together as a family.  As a mother, I find it hard to fathom the sacrifice involved being separated from her own child and caring for other people’s in order to eventually build a better life for her own.


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