Baggage restrictions

If we had traveled to Japan a year ago or even just a couple of months ago, Richard and I could have taken two suitcases each weighing up to 70 pounds apiece. Unfortunately, as of November 1, 2007 the maximum weight per bag was reduced to 50 pounds. For the two of us, that’s a total of 80 pounds less! I know that I don’t have to start packing for awhile yet but as Melaina says, I tend to overthink things and I’m beginning to wonder how we’re going to manage with these new weight restrictions.

Knowing that we would need one more suitcase than we already had, we recently purchased the largest size allowed by the airline. It will hold a lot of stuff but how will I keep it under 50 pounds? I want to make the best use possible of the space so I certainly don’t want to travel with a suitcase that isn’t full! I’m hoping that if I fill it with our bulkiest and most lightweight items, it will remain under the weight limit. The heavier items will have to go into our smaller bags.

We’re also allowed two carry-ons per person with a maximum weight of 22 pounds each but we’ll probably only take one each as there is a limit to how many items we can manage unassisted and I firmly believe that a person shouldn’t travel with more luggage than they can handle on their own. We’re not sure yet whether we’ll be met at the airport by someone from our school or whether we’ll be finding our own way from there. In either case, we’ll probably be traveling from the airport on public transit. Finding our own way doesn’t worry me in the least but doing it weighed down with large amounts of luggage could be quite difficult.


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