I hurt my back during my weight lifting workout today.   I was lowering a 90 pound barbell to the floor the same way I’ve done a million times before, being careful to use my legs and not my back, when I felt something in my lower back snap.  I knew right away it was bad news!  Hopefully it’s just a temporary setback though and not something serious.  I took some muscle relaxants which seem to have helped somewhat.  I could take more in an hour or so but the first ones made me feel kind of dozy and I have drama rehearsal this evening so I’ll avoid them until afterward if I can.

I also had my first bone density test today.  Since I consume large amounts of milk and weight bearing exercise is supposed to be great for your bones, I don’t expect any problems but I’m at an age where it should be checked.

We’re going to miss our treadmill and our free weights when we’re in Japan but we’ll probably make up for the lack of a regular exercise program with the amount of walking we’ll be doing and we’re also hoping to pick up a couple of used bikes at a reasonable price so we should manage to keep in shape.


3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. When we were there, I also managed to find barbell set that was reasonably priced…just two bars and a few plates, but it was enough to get a bit of exercise. There are also lots of gyms around, but they’re expensive.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Oddly enough they don’t really sell many used bikes in Japan, but unlike here a new bike will run you 3900 yen for a basic (so about $35). On the down side they are usually called Oba-chari, which is short for Obachan-chariot, which really means grandma bike. All come with a basket, no gears and squeaky breaks.

  3. the treadmill will be replaced by the walking. the free weights?? maybe some soup cans? have you seen the inflatable weights that can be filled with water? I know you’ll figure it out. Your committment to taking care of yourself inspires me.

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