Ouch again!

This evening I feel a bit like I’ve been run over by a truck!  Richard and I each had four needles today; two in each arm.  Vaccinations aren’t necessary for travel to Japan but, because we want to spend our vacation periods exploring Southeast Asia, they’re a recommended precautionary measure.   We’re now well on the way to being protected against typhoid and hepatitis A and B as well as tetanus, diphtheria and influenza.   We have to have a second hepatitis injection just before we leave Canada and hopefully, a third one in Japan six months from now.  Malaria is another concern in some of the areas that we hope to visit but since there isn’t a vaccine available we’ll have to look into getting antimalarial medications in Japan.

We have three main holiday periods to look forward to during our year in Japan.  The first, called Golden Week is eight days in length and falls at the beginning of May.  We’ll have the second one, a nine day Summer Vacation,  during the first half of August.  Winter Vacation, much like our Canadian Christmas holiday, is approximately two weeks in length and begins on Dec. 23.   In addition to these longer breaks, we’ll have a number of days off throughout the year for various national holidays.

We haven’t planned exactly how we’ll make use of our vacation periods yet but Korea, Thailand and Cambodia are high on our list of places to visit and Hong Kong is an absolute must.


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