Random things

We went to Camrose today for our second hepatitis shots and also got our international drivers licenses.  I don’t know if we’ll actually use them as we won’t have a vehicle while we’re in Japan but we thought it would be a good idea to have them in case we ever decide to rent a car.  The transit system in Japan is excellent and the school will reimburse us for the cost of travel to and from work.  School regulations do not actually permit us to use any type of private motorized vehicle for transportation to and from work or any school function.  I’m not sure why that is but I doubt that parking would be available if we did want to drive.

This evening a couple of friends helped Richard move the furniture that we plan to store in the basement while we’re away.  Interestingly, we discovered that a queen size box spring won’t fit down our basement stairs so it will have to spend the year leaning against a wall in the guest room.

Our internet is being cut off tomorrow and I’m not sure how long it will take to get connected once we arrive in Japan.  Fortunately, however, there are internet cafes.  In fact, “internet cafe” is one of the English terms that has been adopted by the Japanese so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to find one!  I’ll post again as soon as I’m able.


2 thoughts on “Random things

  1. The no-private-transportation rule is due to Japanese liability laws — if you were to cause an accident while commuting to or from work, your employer could be held vicariously liable.

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