White Day and more

Friday was White Day in Japan.  On Valentine’s Day, women buy gifts for men, coworkers as well as husbands, and a month later on March 14th, the men reciprocate.  Cookies and chocolates seem to be popular gifts and the stores definitely gear up with lots of goodies on sale.  I got lucky this year as I spent Valentine’s Day in Canada and White Day here and received gifts from my romantic hubby on both days! 

This coming Thursday, March 20 is a national holiday in Japan – the first day of spring!  Don’t you wish you had a day off work for that?  Actually, our school offers classes that day but it’s a regular day off for Richard and I.  We’ve been celebrating spring ever since we got here though.  We boarded the plane in Edmonton with snow all around and arrived in Japan to find flowers growing and oranges hanging on trees!  Amazing!  Now the plum trees are in bloom and the cherry blossoms will soon follow.  It’s still chilly at night but, with the exception of one very rainy day, we’ve been enjoying lovely daytime weather. 

School is keeping us very busy.  Unlike, Matt & Robin’s Japan experience, ours isn’t exactly teach by number.  There’s quite a lot of lesson planning to do.  It should get much easier after the end of this month.  A new term begins April 1 & we’ll finally have  regular schedules with the same classes every week.  Right now, we’ve only had a bit of that with lots of subbing thrown in.  Unlike at home, when you sub here you have to do the lesson planning & how easy it is or isn’t depends on what the regular teacher’s plans are like.  Some are good but others are definitely not.  Also, at this time of year there are a lot of trial lessons thrown in, short lessons given to prospective students to find out if they’re interested in becoming regular students & if so, what level they’re at. 

In addition to teaching, I’ve also been offered a modeling contract!  Well, a slight exaggeration maybe but I did receive a memo from our teaching coordinator the other day asking me to model for some new advertising flyers that the school is putting together!  Several adults and children have been lined up and and photographer has been hired to come in on March 30 to take some staged shots of us in action.  I’m not sure why I was chosen but the memo says it’s because I’m “cute and photogenic”!  That from the fellow who saw the hideous passport type photos I had to send in in order to get my visa!  No, he’s not trying to hit on me – he just has a crazy sense of humour.

We really hope to have internet at home soon.  We have everything we need including the modem & are just waiting for someone to come and hook it up.  There is so much I want to share!


4 thoughts on “White Day and more

  1. Thats sounds like fun. You should be used to being photographed with all the plays you’ve been in. I am glad to you enjoying your selfs over there.

  2. Hi Guys!

    OH! To smell spring time flowers, how I envy you. Sounds like you are very busy with the teaching and modelling contracts, it is amazing you have time to write. We look so forward to your updates.

  3. Hi Elaine!
    I know what it’s like to sub for someone who’s left little or no sub plans, it happened to me once or twice. But making your own plans… yuck!

    We had St Patrick’s day today, all the kids wearing green stuff and acting goofy. How fun. Then tomorrow is early out, so they’re all worked up over that. Wednesday is our last day before Spring Break. What a fun week. Five days worth of work, six weeks of enthusiasm and excitement, all squashed into three days!

    Hang in there!

    Oh, I’m doing that play with the high school kids, and junior highs. It’s Mmmbeth, a one-act spoof of the Scottish play. Monty python-type humour. I’ll send you a DVD if/when we get one organized.

  4. cute and photogenic. you are. nobody has a good passport picture. mine resembles some drugged out old lady that i dont’ recognize. Hugs Enjoy that spring weather. you are taking lots of photos, i trust?

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