We were supposed to go on a church picnic this afternoon but it was canceled because it poured rain overnight and was still very chilly and wet this morning.   Since many people had packed picnic lunches, even more than usual stayed and ate together after this morning’s service.  Once again, we took advantage of this opportunity to spend time getting to know people.

Afterward, we headed off to Lalaport.  We’ve been told that it’s Asia’s largest mall and it’s right here in Funabashi!  Though it has over 500 stores, it isn’t as big as West Edmonton Mall and doesn’t have all the entertainment facilities found there.  I found the layout much more confusing, however.  Of course, I’ve been shopping West Ed since Phase One opened over 25 years ago so I’ve kind of grown with it.  Even so, I tend to prefer smaller malls and, if I ever have any serious shopping to do, I’ll probably return to one of the two smaller ones that we’ve already explored.  Of course, a cool wet Sunday afternoon might not have been the best time to visit a major mall!  Everyone in the Greater Tokyo area seemed to have the same idea and the crowds probably rivaled West Ed at Christmas time!  Since we were only browsing, however, the large number of people and the line ups at the tills didn’t really bother us.

We’ve sort of fallen into the habit of going out for supper on Sunday evenings.  After a day of exploring, it beats coming home and making a meal!  Since there are many restaurants to choose from within walking distance of home, we usually come back to our area to eat.  Tonight we decided to try an Indian restaurant that had been recommended by one of our fellow teachers.  I was a little worried about how the spicy food would affect my stomach, which has been bothering me again lately, but I think I must have shocked it into submission!  The curry was definitely hot but that was several hours ago now and I haven’t suffered any ill effects so far.  Touch wood!


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