Waiting for Peanut

The one downside of our Japan adventure is the fact that we’ll be so far away when our first grandchild is born and we’ll miss out on being nearby during most of his first year of life.  Our kids have always known of our desire to teach overseas after retirement so, even though she was pregnant when we left, Melaina encouraged us to continue with our plans.  We so appreciate that.

Peanut, as he was fondly dubbed by Melaina’s dear friend, Tanya, when she saw the first ultrasound pictures, was due to be born in the middle of May.  It doesn’t look like he’s planning to wait that long, however.  In fact, he’s been threatening to arrive for the past 48 hours!  That’s when the contractions first began.  Poor Melaina’s been experiencing what her doctor calls the longest latent stage of labour in history!   Unfortunately for her, the doctors are unable to do anything to hasten the process because she’s still technically pre-term.

Thanks to modern technology and the fact that yesterday was my day off, Melaina and I have been in pretty constant contact throughout the past two days of waiting.  Due to the 15 hour time difference between Alberta and Japan, her nighttime hours are my day and vice versa.  Throughout yesterday afternoon, I checked Facebook every hour or so and when she didn’t post any messages for several hours, I knew she was getting some much needed sleep.  I’ve been leaving the computer on at night the past two nights and when I’ve had to get up for one of those inevitable bathroom visits that happen at this age, I’ve checked in to see how she’s doing.  The phone has been waiting at the foot of our bed in case there’s a call in the wee hours to tell us that Peanut has indeed put in his appearance.  Richard and I are amongst the few people in Japan who don’t carry cell phones, however, so we can only be reached at home.  Fortunately, today is Rich’s day off so he’ll be around much of the time.

Please don’t keep us waiting too much longer, baby boy!  Even at a distance, Gram and Grandpa are anxiously waiting to know you!


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