Rose garden

We spent this afternoon strolling around Keisei Rose Garden, one of the largest rose gardens in Japan, which is located very close to here. It’s only two stops away by train and then a 10 to 15 minute walk. When we got off the train, we weren’t sure which way to go to find the garden. While we were consulting the poster and map in the station, a young Japanese couple came along. They were looking for the garden too. The girl spoke English quite well and when none of us could figure out the directions on the map, we stopped into the station convenience store. They asked for directions in Japanese and then led the way!

The garden was beautiful. Many of the blooms had taken a beating by the recent rainstorms but, in spite of that, we were surrounded by every variety and colour imaginable and the aroma was sensational.

Have you ever wondered what a rose tastes like? I hadn’t, but today I found out! After touring the garden, we decided to treat ourselves to cones at the soft ice cream shop. We couldn’t read the signs but it was quite obvious that we had three choices – pink, white or half and half. We both chose the half and half, not knowing for sure what we were getting. It was logical to assume that the white would be vanilla but the pink was a darker shade than strawberry usually is so we weren’t sure what it would be. The moment I tasted it, I was pretty sure I knew. They say that taste and smell are closely related. I can’t describe the flavour other than to say that it tasted exactly the way that roses smell! I was quite sure that we were eating rose flavoured ice cream! It definitely wasn’t rosehip either. Rosehip tea is one of the few herbal teas that we’ve been able to find here so we drink it quite often in the evenings and I would have recognized that flavour. My suspicions were confirmed when we discovered that the gift shop sold rose petal jam.


3 thoughts on “Rose garden

  1. You know what I think is really cool…that you are taking time to smell the roses! (ha ha) It must have been absolutly beautiful, and the smell I can only imagine. After working in a flower store, i know what a fresh shipment smells like but that wold be nothing compared to what an emtire garden was like! By the way I love the photo of you on the bench. Deb

  2. You look fantastic! Japan must suit you.

    I took my parents and my in-laws to Japan last week and let me tell you, I am not cut out to be a tour guide. We went to Fukuoka on the ferry and stayed just one night.

  3. I would imagine the taste is like rosewater – not the stuff we got here but the stuff I got in Kenya – and the smell of the antihistamines I couldn’t use because they use a rosewater base.

    I also love the picture of you on the bench.


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