Travel planning – Hope Church style

Our school is closed this Wednesday.  By me taking Thursday, which is Richard’s regular day off, as one of the five yukyu (personal leave days) that I’m entitled to over the course of the year, we get a two day break together.  We decided to use it for a seaside getaway.  Funabashi is located at the upper end of the Boso Peninsula across the bay from Tokyo.  After asking around, we decided to go out to the far end of the peninsula but since that isn’t a usual destination for foreign tourists, finding hotel information in English was a problem.

I mentioned this to my friend, Minako, at the regular ladies meeting at church on Wednesday morning and she offered to help.  She promised to seek out a nice, inexpensive place for us to stay and bring the information to me at church this morning.   She chose what appears to be the perfect spot, a beach front hotel at the very end of the peninsula.  After church, she used one of the church computers to go online and make our reservation.  We’ll have a traditional Japanese room with bath, most likely with an ocean view.  The price of 12 100 yen (about $120) includes a Japanese buffet supper as well as breakfast the next morning and free bicycle rental to explore the area!  The hotel also has an onsen so we’ll probably enjoy the public bath experience again.  In addition to hotel information, Minako also brought us information on both bus and train transportation to and from the resort.

There’s every likelihood that the staff at the hotel won’t speak any English but I’m not worried.  My comfort zone is getting bigger and bigger every day and if something does go seriously wrong, I have Minako’s cell phone number.   We are so blessed to have friends like her.  I can’t quite imagine what our Japan experience would have been like if we hadn’t found Hope Church!


3 thoughts on “Travel planning – Hope Church style

  1. Have a wonderful getaway…the place sounds very very nice. Nothing like an oceanfront view!!! You are so lucky to have found your church and new friends.

    We have beautiful weather as we approach the July 1 festivities here. A nice change from the way it has been. We even have the hay cut and have had time on the boat…a busy life we lead!!!

  2. Just a quick note to let you know I read your blog faithfully. It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself. I am glad you were able to find a church with folks you can appreciate. Anyways, we are all getting revved up for Tina’s wedding at the end of this month. Aunty Jan is coming down early (it is a surprise though), so if by some weird chance you talk to Aunty Sue, don’t tell her. Dale and Lesley and Rashelle and Christian are all planning their weddings in Jasper for next year. All is good here.

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