The earth moved again!

There’s been a lot of earthquake activity this week.  In fact, we’ve felt the ground move beneath us three times since Saturday!

At about 11:40 a.m. on Saturday, I was in teaching a playgroup when the building began to sway.  The children, amongst our youngest students, were in the midst of an action song and didn’t notice anything amiss but the parents who attend class with them were clearly aware of what was going on.  I later learned that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 had occurred off the east coast of the island of Honshu about 300 km northeast of Tokyo.

On Monday evening, I was at home and Richard was still at school when things began to rock again.  It was another earthquake off the east coast, this time about 270 km northeast of Tokyo.  It had a magnitude of 6.0.

Shortly after midnight last night, as we were falling asleep, we felt some fairly significant movement.  We wondered if we ought to get out of bed and open the apartment door as we’ve been told that this is a precaution that we should take in the case of a serious quake.  Apparently, when a building shifts due to an earthquake it’s sometimes impossible to open the doors and escape afterward.  Last night’s shaking didn’t last long enough for us to feel that that was necessary, however, but we did learn this morning that a quake with a magnitude of 6.8 had hit causing numerous injuries and some damage to buildings in and around the city of Hachinohe which is located near the north end of Honshu.  Again, the epicenter was beneath the ocean floor off the coast.  I’m not sure why this one felt so much bumpier to us as it was actually further away than the other two but it certainly was enough to cause us to sit up and take notice.


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