Amazed by the little things

Sometimes it’s the little things that amaze me. Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows what a nuisance glasses are in the winter. Every time you come in from the cold, they fog up. Yesterday, I had the opposite experience. I walked out of a cool air conditioned building into the steamy heat of Japan in August and my glasses fogged up! How weird!

I also discovered what warm rain feels like. Since Richard and I are both teaching at the school closest to home this week, we’ve been riding our bikes to school. On the way home yesterday, the sky looked dark and ominous. We had some things with us that we didn’t want to get wet so Richard headed for home while I stopped to pick up a few groceries. Sure enough, he got home before the sky opened but I rode home in the rain. I haven’t mastered the Japanese art of riding a bike while carrying an umbrella so I got totally drenched but it felt amazing. The rain was actually warm!


2 thoughts on “Amazed by the little things

  1. That reminds me of walking home from school in the rain. It seemed to rain every day! It’s funny that you mentioned gym class and the rope there. I was thinking the exact thing when I hung it up and trying to remember if I ever made it to the top.

  2. WOW, your going to be home in just 6 months!!! I really do miss seeing the 2 of you. We were at family camp and Derek & I have once again committed to try and get more of our church family attend next year. It was once again an amazing time for refreshment, relaxation, fantastic speakers, a couple of new golf courses (I beat derek on 18 at Cayote Creek, it was an amazing course, I shot 97 and Derek 105). I also realized how far I had let myself drift in the business of life, God simply was not getting enough of my time, and since it should be His in the first place I intend to keep this portion of my life in check, want to be my accountibility partner in this? Anyways, I will email you later, hope the trip was great.

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