What’s with the boots?

There are some things about Japan that I will never understand. I think fashion might be one of them. I really like a lot of the styles but why is it that during the colder months it wasn’t unusual to see girls wearing teeny tiny shorts (does anyone else remember hot pants?) and micro mini skirts but now that it’s sweltering hot, just as many are seen in blue jeans? And why is it that at a certain age, women seem to lose their fashion sense and begin to appear in public in the most outlandishly clashing combinations such as the loud flowery pants and animal print top that I saw on the train platform yesterday?

I really shouldn’t comment on skirt lengths as I do remember when I hemmed mine at my fingertips but some of the outfits that are worn in public here would shout “hooker” on any North American street. The most incongruous though, are the high school girls who wear very proper school uniforms complete with knee socks, neckties and skirts so short they’re in danger of showing off their underwear!

It’s the boots that really have me wondering though. As in other parts of the world, the clothing stores have recently put their summer stock on sale and the shelves are filling up with winter wear. I wasn’t surprised to see winter boots appear in Seiyu a few days ago but what amazes me is that as soon as they appeared in the store, they also started appearing on the street! It’s broiling hot out there and girls are wearing knee high winter boots! How does that make any sense at all? I’ve even seen boots being worn with shorts and sun dresses. I try not to laugh out loud.


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