This is the scene outside our window this morning.  Work began sometime around 8 o’clock and, as you can imagine, it’s been quite noisy!  We did have some advance warning that this would be happening.  Work has been going on around the neighbourhood for several days and markings on the pavement seemed to indicate that our corner was one of the spots that would be dug up.

We received a notice in our mailbox yesterday that was written entirely in Japanese.  Of course, we had no way of knowing what it said or that it was related to the work going on around us.  For all we knew, it could have been an ad for an upcoming sale at a local store.  It didn’t have any pictures though and looked somewhat official so we did what we always do in such cases.  Richard took it to school with him and had one of the receptionists translate it.  They’re very helpful that way.  It turns out that it was a notice informing us that our water will be off from 1:00 to 5:00 pm today.  Since we’ll both be at work the entire time, it won’t be any inconvenience to us at all.

At every construction site that might in any way interfere with traffic, either vehicle or pedestrian, there is one person whose sole responsibility is to direct traffic.  On our quiet street, at this time of day, there might be a vehicle every 15 minutes but this poor man is standing out in the broiling sun waiting to ensure that they’re able to navigate the street safely.  When we leave for work, he’ll ensure that our path is clear and will likely bow to us as we pass by.

By the time we return from school this evening, the work will be completely finished, the pavement patched and the area clean.  But for the darker patches of pavement, we’ll hardly know that anything has been done.  By tomorrow morning, the crew will have moved on to another spot.


2 thoughts on “Waterworks

  1. I guess there’s construction everywhere. We sure have run into more than our fair share in our travels this summer.

    We certainly are enjoying following your adventures…and are hoping you avoid any problems with the typhoons, hurricanes, or earthquakes!!!

    You speak of hot weather and we can’t help but envy you that…ours has turned cooler and we are actually having a bit of rain this afternoon. Not what we need when we are refinishing and staining the outside of the house!!!!

    Take much care.


  2. That’s amazing to me that they finish up so quickly and move along. Here it seems that construction goes on forever everywhere. I swear that the Utah State tree is an orange cone.

    I love reading all about your experiences. Thanks for sharing. Janis

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