Term change

A new term begins next week and with it comes a new schedule. We’re pretty happy with the changes. From now on both Richard and I will have Thursday and Sunday as our days off. That means being able to spend a weekday together sightseeing and enjoying more of this fascinating country.

In addition to being delighted with shared days off, we’re also pleased that there are less changes to our existing schedule than we had anticipated. For the most part, we’re keeping the same classes and students that we’ve had this term. That hasn’t always been the case with MIL. In fact, it appears that in the past a term change has usually meant a huge reshuffling of teachers. Of course, that hasn’t resulted in much continuity for the students. For example, I have one adult student who’s been studying at MIL for ten years and has had 18 different teachers! Needless to say, his English hasn’t progressed the way it ought to have.

There are several classes and individual students that I’m especially pleased to be able to continue working with. I’d have been quite heartbroken if I’d lost my Saturday morning playgroup – four adorable little preschoolers. Then there’s Rie, one of my Monday afternoon ladies. She and I have hit it off so well that she actually wrote a letter to the school owner requesting that I continue to be her teacher! Unfortunately, Richard is losing the adult student that he’s developed the best rapport with but overall, the changes are good and neither of us is picking up too many new classes.

Another concern was whether or not I’d be able to continue attending the ladies meetings at the church two Wednesday mornings a month if I didn’t have Wednesday as my day off anymore. Fortunately, I’m not scheduled to begin teaching until 4 o’clock that day so that won’t usually be a problem. It will mean that I’ll sometimes have to attend a staff meeting on our day off as they are held at noon most Wednesdays and Thursdays and I wouldn’t make it back from the church in time for the Wednesday meeting. I think we can manage to plan around that though.


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