Who would have thought?

Richard certainly wouldn’t have thought that he might have the chance to help build a house while he was in Japan but that’s exactly how he spent his day off yesterday!

Pastor Steve and Shelley’s house is an amazing & exciting project to be involved in. The entire house package – precut lumber, windows, siding, even doorknobs – was put together in the US, loaded into a container & shipped to Japan. Apparently that’s more cost effective than buying the materials here. I understand that Shelley’s brother, who works in construction in the States, had a lot to do with putting the whole thing together. Not only did all the building materials arrive from overseas but two carpenters from the the US also arrived this week and under their very capable direction, the work is progressing rapidly. Apparently they’re very good at making use of the unskilled labour provided by volunteers from our church.

Perched on a hilltop, the building site itself is also an amazing story. Originally they were dealing on a different piece of land lower on the hillside but it was decided that building the retaining walls that would be needed to make it usable would be too expensive. For whatever reason (obviously a God reason) the landowner ended up offering them the lot on top of the hill for the same price as the lower land even though it’s actually worth a lot more. It’s bigger than most Japanese lots and looks out over the rooftops of an entire neighbourhood below.

Richard is delighted to have the opportunity to take part in this project and would happily be back there again next Thursday except that it’s our first weekday off together as well as our anniversary and I have other ideas!


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