Missing the wide open spaces

People here think they live in the countryside because we’re about an hour outside Tokyo but, in actual fact, it’s very urban.  Though I really like it here, by yesterday I was beginning to feel very hemmed in by the city.  It was definitely time to find some open space.

Even though it was our day off, I had to attend a one hour staff meeting at noon.  I could have attended the Wednesday meeting instead but I chose to spend that morning at the twice monthly ladies meeting at church.  Richard spent yesterday morning at the building site helping with the construction of our pastor’s new home.  We met back here for lunch then headed off to Sakura, a smaller town a little ways east of here.  Located fairly close to Narita, where the big international airport is located, Sakura has a number of interesting historical sites to offer but we chose to spend a couple of hours strolling through the Sakura Castle Park.  Very little of the original castle structure remains but the park is quiet and spacious, a good place to get away from the bustle of city living.  I’m very glad that so many areas of this kind have been preserved and once again, I was impressed with how green everything was.  Green will definitely be one of my lasting impressions of Japan.

After leaving the park, we wandered through part of town and as the sun set, we enjoyed the colourful lanterns that lined many of the streets.  We stopped for a relaxing supper then, ready to face the city again, we boarded the train and headed for home.


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