World’s busiest intersection

img_2767We spent a little while in Tokyo today exploring Shibuya, a bustling, youth oriented shopping district.

A popular meeting place in Shibuya is the statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog.  According to one of Japan’s best loved stories, a professor who lived near Shibuya station in the 1920s had an Akita dog that would accompany his master to the station every morning and await his return each night.  After his master died in 1925, Hachiko continued to come and wait at the station every day until his own death 11 years later.  The statue was later erected in memory of his faithfulness.

After visiting the statue, we crossed what is touted as the world’s busiest intersection, or at very least Japan’s busiest pedestrian crossing, and sat at the window of the second floor Starbucks that overlooks the intersection watching in amazement.  The walk light comes on every 2 minutes and 40 seconds and for about 40 seconds, a mass of humanity crosses in every direction.  By the time the light comes on the next time, that crowd has gone on it’s way and another has gathered.   Keep in mind that these pictures were taken at 2:15 on a Thursday afternoon!  What must it be like at rush hour?




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