Diamond anniversary

Today is my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary! What an amazing milestone. They’ve never been ones to make a big deal of anniversaries but somehow this one deserves recognition. There won’t be a big celebration as the family is scattered and unable to be with them. Instead we’ve tried to do the best we could to honour them from a distance. Mom doesn’t get out much anymore so I suspect that they’ll be celebrating quietly at home. I hope they enjoy looking back over their long history together. I know Mom still enjoys telling the story of how they met at a Halloween party and Dad still teases her about the fact that she took so long to answer his marriage proposal that he nearly threw the engagement ring off the wharf. Like any couple, they’ve had their share of heartaches but they’ve weathered them together. They’ve also had many wonderful adventures as they traveled the world together. What a wonderful example they’ve set for those of us who follow.

Don and Beatrice Stewart  Married Nov. 17, 1948

Don and Beatrice Stewart Married Nov. 17, 1948


2 thoughts on “Diamond anniversary

  1. Congratulations to your parents. We met them when Matthew graduated from high school. Very nice people…

    We still have no snow here although it is kind of foggy and cold out. It’s hard to do Christmas shopping without snow!!!

    We are loving following all of your adventures. You will have memories to last a lifetime…and we know so much more about Japan now!!!


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