An amazing view

Mt. Fuji is a highly revered Japanese icon. People travel long distances to try to catch glimpses of it. Unfortunately it spends a lot of time shrouded in cloud.

Because we live on the upper floor of a hilltop apartment building that faces in just the right direction, we sometimes have the awesome privilege of seeing the mountain from our very own window. It’s about 120 km away and the city of Tokyo lies between us. Our view of the mountain is almost obscured by buildings and power lines so it’s pretty amazing that we can see it at all.

The very first morning that we awoke in Japan was a bright and sunny one and there stood the mountain in all it’s majesty! Little did we realize how rare that sight would be. Once the humidity of summer arrived, it wasn’t seen at all. Lately, however, as the cool crisp air of autumn arrived, the mountain started showing itself again. We have seen it five of the last six mornings!

Because of our work schedule, we’re seldom home when the sun sets but this week, on days off, we’ve seen Fuji’s silhouette against a spectacular sunset twice! Many people who have spent their entire lives in this country have never been so fortunate.

I’m not sure how well the mountain will show up in these pictures but I hope you can catch a glimpse of what we’re so privileged to see.





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