Nomi no fufu

Did you know that a female flea is always bigger than a male flea? I didn’t until this past weekend.

Compared to most Japanese women and even many of the men, I’m very tall. They’re often amazed by my size and comment on it quite openly. Fortunately, they also tell me that I’m beautiful or I might feel somewhat insulted! This weekend was no exception. Rie’s family was not only surprised by my height but by the fact that I’m taller than Richard. It was her husband, Keiji, who introduced us to the Japanese term used to describe a couple like us. Nomi no fufu literally means ‘flea couple’ and is used because of the scientific fact that female fleas are bigger than males! I suspect that I’ll be hearing it for a long time. Richard clearly loves the saying and will probably remember it long after he forgets the other Japanese words that he’s learned. Oh well, it’s better than saying that I suffer from ‘gigantism’, which is what he’s been saying for the past several months! Maybe I should start calling him Little Flea!

5 thoughts on “Nomi no fufu

  1. I think the truth is that you, Elaine. are the perfect size and all the smaller people are the ones with the problem!!!! Tell your “little flea” that from me!!!!

    Keep having a good time…we are loving your posts!!!!


  2. Too Funny! I love my Flea friends, soon you’ll be home. Life has had some interesting changes here. Tristen moved in Nov 26. We will chat soon. Love ya Deb

  3. Ha ha ha! Enjoy reading your blog!! Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful adventure!! I was wandering if you’d might wear your new silk outfit golfing??? If they are sitting on the ground with them on, surely you’d look good on the putting green with one on. Take care and hi to little flea!

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