Happy Birthday!

Following Augustine is one year old today!  It all began with a short post on December  7, 2007 announcing that Richard and I had accepted teaching positions in Japan and were preparing to spend a year abroad.

The blog has been a wonderful way of sharing our adventure with friends and family back home as well as others who have come across it along the way.  It has been a blessing in other ways too.  I have always loved writing.  In my younger days as a stay at home mom, I did some freelance writing and had a few articles published but once I went back to teaching, there didn’t seem to be enough time to keep it up.  Sharing my love of reading and writing with my students seemed to fill the gap but writing the blog has definitely rekindled my love of writing.  Sometimes it’s easy.  The words seem to flow, tumbling over one another in a rush to get onto the screen.  Other times, they don’t come as easily.  Sentences are written and rewritten as I struggle to picture for you the wonderful things that we’ve been experiencing.   As in other things, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I don’t like to hit the publish button until it sounds just right to me!

I’m also a person who has a tendency to live for the future.  I love planning things and looking forward to whatever it is that’s coming next.  I don’t suppose there’s anything terribly wrong with that but writing the blog has forced me to learn to live in the moment and to experience everything with my eyes wide open.  Even as we are in the midst of discovering new and interesting aspects of life here in Japan, I’m thinking about how to share them with you.  I’ve discovered that I love living this way and I hope that this is something that carries over into my life back home when our time here is done.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. A year!!! Where does the time go? We are so grateful that you are having this adventure/experience AND are sharing it with us.

    We have a small touch of winter here now…a little snow has fallen. Unfortunately there was also rain yesterday so the roads were very icy and lots of people stayed home from events that they were going to drive to.

    You now have snow falling on your blog. Did you do that or…????

    Best wishes to you.


  2. Elaine why is there snow on your blog??? How did you do that??? I am starting a new adventure,home based business, doing home parties for Jockey Person to Person Clothing…I am very excited, time for change.

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