Old favourites

Some of you may remember that several months ago I wondered if my shoes would last until our year in Japan was over. If I had to replace them here, my options would be very limited because my feet are huge compared to those of most Japanese women. With less than two months to go, however, it looks as if I have nothing to worry about.  One pair of dressy flats has pretty much had it but the others are all holding up well.

The black oxfords that Richard brought with him to wear to school disintegrated  fairly early on but he had no problem replacing them.  It’s his running shoes that have become a source of merriment.  He came to Japan with two pairs.  One pair was already well worn but the others were brand new.  Shortly after arriving, he bought a third pair, mainly because they were name brand shoes on sale for an price that was irresistible.  So why, I ask myself, is he still wearing the old worn out pair when there are two pairs in the cupboard that have never been on his feet except in the shoe stores?

As we headed out the door on our way to church this morning, I mentioned that perhaps his old favourites were a bit too shabby and he should consider wearing one of the new pairs.  He wouldn’t hear of it, however, so off we went.  As we headed down the street, I realized that with each step, I could see two gaping holes opening and closing in the side of one of his beloved shoes!  I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks and that’s when I felt this blog coming on!

The old favourites have served him well.  They’ve  walked the streets of five countries and been to the top of Mt. Fuji.  They still have the dust of Vietnam and Cambodia on them.  I really think it’s time to retire them but now he’s threatening to take them back to Canada when we go!  I don’t think so!

the old favourites

the old favourites


3 thoughts on “Old favourites

  1. I don’t think you can throw those shoes out…they have experienced such stuff with you. Maybe bring them home and have them bronzed!!!!!!


  2. I agree bronze the shoes, just think of the fun you could have with that!!! You two are such a great pair, love ya both. Plus I am so excited you agreed to be the ladies retreat guest speaker……

  3. Sounds like a man to me. Miss you two can’t wait for you to come home but I am glad that you are having a great time. Bring the shoes home they have life and history in them.

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