Sayonara sale

I put up the first poster for our sayonara (good-bye) sale at one of our main schools today. Unlike some of our colleagues, we chose to live a very minimalist lifestyle this year so that there wouldn’t be a lot of stuff to get rid of at the end of our contract. We do have a few items to find new homes for, however.

Within minutes of the sign going up, one of our fellow teachers had spoken for my bike. She’s in no hurry to get it from me so I’ll use it for a couple more weeks before turning it over to her. I’ve often thought that if these bikes could talk they’d have interesting stories to tell. As teachers come and go, bicycles commonly pass from one to another. We have no idea how many previous owners ours have had.

In addition to the bikes, we have a very compact and sturdy computer desk to unload. We bought it at the nearby recycle store so, if we don’t find a buyer for it, it will likely end up back there. We also have a 15 inch flat screen computer monitor. I’d actually like to take that home with us but I suspect that there won’t be enough space in our luggage for it. Hopefully someone will want the computer speakers, the small oscillating fan and the folding canvas chair that we also bought second hand.

Since the sale is all about getting rid of stuff and not about making money, we’ve priced the items very reasonably. In fact, we plan to give some of them away.

There are three of us on staff who are finishing on the same day so I suspect that there will be some new teachers arriving before we depart. Hopefully they’ll be interested in having some of the things we need to get rid of. We aren’t supposed to leave anything in the apartment that wasn’t here when we moved in but I have snuck a few extra dishes and utensils into the kitchen cupboards that I know the next occupant will need. The contents of the cupboards aren’t itemized on the apartment inventory so I’m sure that leaving them there won’t be a problem.

Wow!  In some ways, the year has really flown by.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were setting up home and buying the items that we’re now ready to get rid of!


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