Who is tokyo5?

When Richard and I were hired to come to Japan to teach English, I started this blog to share our experience with family and friends. I also welcome anyone else who comes across it. Some people stop by once while others have become regular readers. One such person is tokyo5.

I’ve occasionally been asked who this person is. “Sometimes it seems like he’s trying keep tabs on what you say,” said one regular reader. “Doesn’t this annoy you?” she asked.

Tokyo5 is actually an American whose job brought him to Japan 18 years ago at the age of 20. He ended up marrying a Japanese girl and staying. They live in Tokyo and have three children, hence the pen name, tokyo5. Apparently, he rarely returns to the States. Though his comments often do come across as somewhat critical, I give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think he intends to be rude. In fact, he may not even realize that his comments sometimes sound that way. He’s just incredibly proud of his knowledge of the Japanese language and culture and very defensive about anything Japanese. He actually keeps me on my toes. I know that if I slip up and get my information wrong, he’ll be sure to let me know! His own blog is an interesting source of information about many things Japanese. You can find it at tokyo5.wordpress.com.

I am able to remove comments from my blog if I choose to do so but I’ve never done that. WordPress does a good job of weeding out spam so I’ve never had to deal with anything offensive and if a comment appears that seems somewhat suspicious, I’m notified and can accept or delete it before it’s published. A few of tokyo5’s comments have gone that route but I’ve never deleted any of them. The only time I was tempted to do so was when a negative sounding comment was directed toward another regular reader.  Even in that case, however, I decided not to interfere.  I welcome all legitimate comments including those that disagree with me. In fact, I wish more people would comment. Much of what I share here is my opinion or my own interpretation or reflection on what I’m experiencing so it may be different from someone else’s. That doesn’t make either one of us wrong but it does open the door to interesting discussion.

When I first started writing the blog, I thought that it would be a one year project but now that our time here is drawing to a close, I’ve decided to keep it going indefinitely. Not only does it fulfill my desire to continue writing but now that some of my Japanese friends are reading it, perhaps it will allow me to share life in Canada with them!


3 thoughts on “Who is tokyo5?

  1. >he may not even realize that his comments sometimes sound that way.

    I didn’t know that. Do I sound rude?

    By all means, please tell me if I write anything that seems offensive?

    I’m not trying to “keep tabs” of what you say. I actually enjoy your blog.

    I’ll refrain from commenting, if you want.

  2. Please don’t stop commenting! Even though you do sometimes sound very defensive, I often wonder what you’ll say and as I mentioned, knowing that you will be reading has made me be careful to try to get my facts right. I think that’s very important. Since the readers who asked about you assumed that you were Japanese, I thought it was a good idea to give them a bit of information about you. I hope they’ll check out your blog. I’ve definitely found it a source of useful information.

    In answer to yesterday’s question, we have enjoyed our year in Japan very much! It has been the fulfillment of a long term dream and we have made memories that will last a lifetime.

  3. My family and I have very much enjoyed your blogs, we talk about them and we really like the pictures. We do enjoy Tokyo5 as well I well check His Blog out as well.
    See you soon, Love and miss you.

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