Don’t go away!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that our internet is being disconnected tomorrow morning.  Our big adventure is almost over!  Now that we’ve said most of our good-byes, I’m excited about heading for Hong Kong the day after tomorrow and then back to Canada next week.  Once there, we’ll be visiting family in Vancouver for almost two weeks before finally making our way back to Alberta.  I’ll try to update the blog from time to time but it will probably be hit and miss for the next few weeks until we’re home and our internet service there is reconnected.  I’m sure by then I’ll have much to write about and many photos to share so please don’t go away!


2 thoughts on “Don’t go away!

  1. Happy travels to Hong Kong!!! Are you shopping there or just visiting? My sister and her husband had hand tailored suits done there!!!

    We will probably be back in Sedgewick about the same time you are!!!!!

    Best wishes for a good trip home.


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