Global warming?

Based on what we’ve seen since we returned to Canada, I think global warming is badly misnamed.  Climate change I can accept but global warming, no.  I realize that the polar ice caps are melting and I recognize the threat that that poses worldwide but this part of the globe is definitely not warming!  In fact, it was -20 C when I woke up this morning!

I had hoped that the snow would be gone when we got home.  Of course, I realized that I was being a bit unrealistic but I certainly wasn’t counting on a snowstorm in Vancouver our first day there nor did I expect the storm that hit here on Sunday.  Many people were unable to make it to church because of poor visibility and drifting snow and we worried about our son and son-in-law who had to drive back to Edmonton and Calgary for work.  There’s at least a foot (30 cm) of snow still on the ground and spring seems to be a long way off.  No wonder I enjoyed Japan so much!  Imagine… flowers year round!


One thought on “Global warming?

  1. A foot of snow???? We NEED that to be gone!!! We are ready to be doing some gardening when we arrive at home in one day less than a week!!!!

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