So much stuff!

We’ve been home for a week now and we’re STILL unpacking and getting settled in!  While we were in Japan for the past year, almost all of our furniture and belongings were stored in three rooms in the basement so that the couple who were living in our house and taking care of it could move their things in.   We’ve been gradually sorting through things and moving everything back into place.  It’s been a slow process for two reasons.  First, our daughter is here with our eleven month old grandson and playing with him is way more fun than doing housework!  The second reason for moving so slowly is the fact that I’m totally overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of stuff!

After living in a 365 square foot apartment with only the bare necessities for the past year, I guess I’m experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock.  Though I’m happy to have more space, I loved our little apartment and didn’t miss most of the things that I’ve been busy unpacking for the past week.  I keep asking myself why we need so much stuff!

After living in the same house and having plenty of storage space for 27 years, a family accumulates a lot of stuff.  We did a major purge before we left for Japan hauling loads of things to the local thrift store and the dump.  Thank goodness for that or I’d have even more stuff to face now.  As I look at all that’s left, I’m tempted to get rid of a lot more of it!  I’m being careful though as I know that once I’ve been home for awhile and am feeling more settled, I might regret the rash decisions that I’m tempted to make right now.  Instead, as I sort through everything, some things are going back into storage.  If I still don’t want them a few months from now, I’ll get rid of them then.  In the meantime, I’d better get back to work while the baby has his nap!


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