Enjoying the oven

I don’t consider myself particularly domestic.  For the most part, I cook because we have to eat.  On the other hand, one of the things that I missed when we were in Japan was an oven.  Like many Japanese households, we had a two burner gas stove with a little grilling drawer that was great for cooking fish or a couple of pork chops, but no oven.

Needless to say, in the almost two weeks that we’ve been home, the oven has been well used!  One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed cooking is the big turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Turkey isn’t part of the Japanese diet.   In fact, the idea of cooking something that big completely astonishes them.  When my sister, her husband and five of their children, including three teenage boys with hearty appetites, came for dinner on Sunday, I cooked a turkey.  Yum!

Baking is definitely not my forte but I do enjoy making muffins.  There are already bran muffins in the freezer and this evening I tried a new recipe for cranberry muffins using the leftover cranberry sauce from Sunday’s feast.  We haven’t tasted them yet but the kitchen smells heavenly and I’m feeling a wee bit more domestic than usual!


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