Fashion frustration

Shopping for clothes can be so frustrating! At 56 years old, I don’t want to dress like a teenager but I also don’t want to look like I’m ready for the old folks home! There don’t seem to be many stores that cater to those of us who fall somewhere in between.

Today I went looking for blue jeans. I’ve always been more comfortable in jeans than pretty much anything else. In fact, I fully intend to still be wearing them when I’m 80! That might be difficult though if I don’t have any better luck than I did today.

It appears that I don’t even speak the language.  One store offered curvy, classic or contemporary fit.  Though I liked the sound of curvy, I could pretty much guess that it wouldn’t be my style.  On further perusal, I discovered that curvy is “designed to give a shapely fit through the hips and thighs” and “fits a slightly smaller waist”.  Hmm… sounds just right for someone with an hourglass figure but not a boyish one like mine.  The only way a pair of jeans could give me shapely hips would be if they were padded!  Classic sounded okay too until I discovered that they have a low rise.  I like my pants to fit a little below the waist but since I’m rather long in the body, low rise just doesn’t work for me.  That left contemporary.  I thought perhaps I was a contemporary kind of gal until I discovered that they have a mesh panel to flatten the tummy!  Maybe when I’m 80, but for now I depend on my morning stomach crunches to do that job!  I thought perhaps I’d have better success at the next store but it was even more confusing.  After all, what in the world is a boyfriend fit?

Men don’t seem to be plagued with the same shopping woes.  Richard walked into one store, picked out a new pair of jeans exactly like the old ones that he bought two years ago and he was done!  So not fair!


3 thoughts on “Fashion frustration

  1. Lol, I hate jeans shopping too!! Try Old Navy. I’ve had success there, although i do find that most straight fitted jeans are low waist.

  2. Oh Elaine, too funny, I know it is not suppposed to be….You can try the Jockey Pants tommorrow at Lornas…but sorry no jeans!

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