I think the people who name paint colours must be the same ones who name blue jean styles (see Fashion frustration – April 9).  According to the paint chip, I spent the past day and a half painting our kitchen and livingroom Moonslice.  In my mind, Moonslice would be a shimmery silver but that’s not even close.  It’s actually a very light yellow.  Personally, I think Buttercream would be a better name.  Depending on the light and the time of day, it sometimes look like a warm cream and sometimes a light sunshiny yellow.

The paint job wasn’t a dramatic change.  In fact, I simply gave the rooms a fresh and slightly lighter coat of the same colour that was already there.  My original plan had been to use some paint left over from the last time they were painted  but unfortunately, when I opened the first can, it was obvious that it had deteriorated over time and the colour was no longer Moonslice.  Putrid would be more accurate so off I went to the paint store for a fresh supply!

I actually enjoy painting.  It’s peaceful and seeing the fresh untouched surfaces when I’m done gives me a sense of accomplishment.  What I don’t like is getting ready to paint.  First came washing the walls with TSP and then rinsing them.  That was followed by filling holes, sanding, more filling and more sanding and then, finally, priming.  After living in the house for 28 years and raising a family in it, it definitely has a lived in look and the walls are no longer pristine.  As I painted, I recalled the chart that used to be penciled on one of the kitchen walls recording the heights of three growing children.  I also remembered rushing one of them to the doctor for stitches when his head met one of the corners a little too forcefully!

Now that the painting is finished, it’s time to decide which pictures and ornaments will go back in their old familiar places, which ones will be moved and which will disappear altogether to make way for the mementos that came home from Japan with us.


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