We spent the past few days in Calgary where we celebrated our grandson, Andrew’s, first birthday.  On our way to Calgary, we passed a couple of golf courses that were already open and noticed that a few hardy souls were out playing.  It was cold and windy though so we didn’t really envy them.  

The Sedgewick course opened while we were away.  It was sunny and warm when we arrived home this afternoon so we immediately headed out for our first round since the course closed in mid October 2007!  Neither of us played particularly well but it was great to be out there and my final score was about the same as it usually is at this time of year.  My putting was particularly dreadful but it’s early in the year and the greens need time to mature.

I first tried golfing over 30 years ago but I had no patience for it. I decided to give it another try about 15 years later and was immediately hooked. I’m not sure what had changed in the interim but I love being out of doors, away from whatever needs doing at home and I enjoy the challenge of trying to better my game.  I also like the fact that it’s something that Richard and I enjoy doing together.

We’re very fortunate to live down the street from a lovely nine hole course. We can jump on our golf cart here at home and drive it down the street and across the course to the first tee box all in a matter of five minutes.  Now that’s a definite advantage to living in a small town!

Golf is also very affordable here.  In fact, our annual membership, which allows us unlimited golf for the entire season, would probably only pay for two or three rounds in Japan.  That’s just one of the reasons that we didn’t golf there though. As much as we love the game, there were so many other interesting things to see and do and our time there was limited.  

The course has undergone a few changes since we were last out. Several old and dying trees have been removed and a new sand trap has appeared behind the sixth green.  That will definitely add a new challenge to our game.  I managed to avoid it today but Richard wasn’t as fortunate and I’m sure my turn will come.  After all, we’ll be spending lots of time on the course this year.


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