On December 7, 1928 two little girls were born; Myrna in Nova Scotia and Lorraine in Alberta. Eleven years later, they became penpals when one of them responded to an advertisement placed by the other.  They met once in 1985 when Myrna and her husband, Ron, were in Alberta visiting a son who was living there.  The two women continued to correspond until Lorraine’s sudden death in 1994.  

Lorraine was my mother-in-law and though none of us knew much about her penpal, we knew that someone needed to write and tell her the sad news.  I volunteered.  We searched through mother’s things and found an address.  I wrote the letter and thought that that would be the end of the story. Not so!  I received a very kind and thoughtful reply from Myrna mentioning that she would love to continue hearing about Lorraine’s family.  I had inherited a penpal!

Myrna is 80 years old now.  She and Ron live at Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia and we will be meeting them on Tuesday!  We plan to stay for a week at a campground just a few miles from their place. When we talked on the phone for the first time a few weeks ago, Myrna told me that she wanted us to stay there because we’d be “close enough to run back and forth”! She told me that she’s as excited as a little girl at Christmas!  I think I am too.


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