Peggy’s Cove

IMG_4683Late this morning, the clouds rolled away and the fog burned off leaving us in beautiful sunshine. We decided to take the scenic coastal drive to Peggy’s Cove. When we arrived, the famous lighthouse and the rocky point were shrouded in mist but the scene was, nevertheless, quite awesome.  We stood on the point and watched the waves emerge from the fog and thunder onto the rocks below us. Breathtaking!

As much as we enjoyed watching the crashing of the waves, we were angered by the foolishness of some of the people around us.  In spite of warnings posted everywhere, including on the lighthouse itself, many people fail to recognize the ocean’s power and every year some are swept into the water by rogue waves.  As recently as the day before yesterday, a 30-year-old woman from Montreal was rescued from the water. Many are not so fortunate.  We could easily have witnessed a disaster today. One young woman, who sat far too close to the water’s edge, was doused by an unexpected wave and walked away laughing.  I doubt she even realized how close she came to being washed away. We also watched a young man walking over rock that was obviously wet. Minutes later a powerful wave swept over the very spot where he had been.




As well as being one of Canada’s most photographed tourist destinations, Peggy’s Cove is also a small fishing village.  Here’s my favourite photo of the day, taken after we left the rocky point.



One thought on “Peggy’s Cove

  1. We were there in bright sunlight a few years ago and took pictures of the warning sign that’s bolted to the rocks. We also looked at it and stayed on the dry rocks.

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