Feeling at home

It looks like we’ll be staying around Mahone Bay a little longer than we’d originally planned.  Not only are we having a wonderful time but we’ve also decided that delaying our entry into the States until after July 4th might make finding campgrounds easier.  

We spent several hours on Friday browsing through the many little shops in Mahone Bay.  Most interesting was Amos Pewter where we not only saw the beautiful finished products but were also shown how the molten pewter is cast into jewelry, sculptures and other collectibles. That evening, Ronnie and Myrna took us to their favourite seaside restaurant for a delicious seafood supper. After dinner, we enjoyed a leisurely drive to the end of Second Peninsula which lies between Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.  

IMG_4707Yesterday, we went to Lunenburg where we toured the very interesting Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.  Downtown Lunenburg has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we enjoyed strolling it’s streets and visiting a few shops. We were also able to walk around the deck of the Bluenose II which is in Lunenburg harbour until July 1. The Bluenose II is an exact replica of the famous racing schooner that is pictured on the back of the Canadian dime.  I’m glad we hadn’t planned on going out on one of her cruises yesterday as fog at sea prevented her from leaving the harbour. Unfortunately, it’s also prevented us from going out on Lindy’s boat. Perhaps by staying a little longer, we’ll still have an opportunity.  

IMG_4710    IMG_4711

This morning, we met Myrna for church.  Later in the day, we were back at the house for a fantastic dinner of seafood chowder.  Myrna had gathered as much of the family as possible together so, in addition to those we’d already met, we had the opportunity to get to know her son, Ian, and daughers, Roxanne and Patsy.  What fun we had as ten of us gathered around the table together.


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