Temporarily delayed

The toothache that Richard has been enduring for the past few days has reached the point where it could no longer be ignored.  Until last night, he was convinced that it wasn’t an abscess and that he would probably be able to handle the discomfort until we got home.  Not so!  It kept him awake most of the night last night and by this morning, it was obvious that finding a dentist had become priority #1.  

We had a whale watching cruise booked for today but I called and they kindly agreed to allow us to postpone until tomorrow.  We’re camped at Smith’s Cove, just outside Digby, Nova Scotia.  The campground host recommended a dentist in Digby and when Richard called, they told him to come right in.  He does indeed have an abscessed tooth and is now on antibiotics and painkillers.  In spite of the fact that x-rays were taken and the dentist took the time to prepare a letter to Richard’s dentist back in Camrose, there was no charge!  

Rich will be on the antibiotics for ten days and then, according to the dentist, he has a two week window during which he should have a root canal done.  He’ll call his dentist back home to set up an appointment toward the end of that time.  That should give us enough time to do all that we had hoped before heading for home.  We’ll be here for two more nights and then on the road again.


One thought on “Temporarily delayed

  1. So sorry to read about Richard’s bad turn of events. I myself went through the same experience about a month ago. Glad to hear that he was treated right away, a day or two more would have made his pain so, so much worse. How is the weather out that way?

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