Homeward bound

We said farewell to Nova Scotia yesterday and headed through New Brunswick toward the United States. We pulled into a lovely oceanfront campground at St. Andrew’s, a picturesque little town just short of the border. That’s when disaster struck.  A second cable broke leaving the trailer unusable!

With the help of a couple of other campers, we managed to get the things we’d need on the way home and most of the perishable food out of the trailer and fasten it down again.  We found an inexpensive motel, went out for supper, discussed our options and then settled in for the night.

I’ve always been a person who planned ahead and lived for the future. One of the things that I’ve been learning since retiring is to live in the moment. Today definitely put that to the test!  We woke up this morning with no idea what the day would hold.  Would we be able to get the trailer repaired and continue on or would we have to change our plans entirely?  

We started the morning by checking with a small RV place in the St. Andrew’s area but, as we anticipated, he only does minor repairs and wasn’t able to help us.  Since we were going in that direction, however, he recommended a larger sales and service place in Bangor, Maine.  We were there by noon. The two fellows who looked at the trailer told us that it would likely take a full day to repair and that, in their opinion, it really isn’t worth fixing. We’re not sure that we agree but we definitely weren’t willing to put the amount of money that they were speaking of into it. With the exception of the cable/pulley system, which is usually the first thing to go on a tent trailer, it’s in pretty good shape but it is 16 years old and has served us very well.

We made the decision to abort the Boston portion of our trip and head for home as quickly as possible. We consulted our maps, chose the most direct route and headed west. We soon discovered that most direct doesn’t necessarily mean quickest as many sections of the highway were under construction but, in spite of that, we made our way through Maine, over the green hills and mountains of northern New Hampshire and Vermont, and north into Quebec! We navigated our way through Montreal shortly after dark and are now relaxing in a hotel just west of the city.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and I see two good things in what has happened.  First of all, we’ve been considering for some time whether or not we should replace the tent trailer with a small hard sided one and if so, when.  Obviously, that decision has been made for us! We’re already discussing what features the new trailer should have and will begin shopping for one as soon as we’re back in Alberta.  

Secondly, since I still want to see Boston and we have more reason than ever to want to visit the Maritimes again, I’m already dreaming of another trip across the continent and this time, we won’t be waiting 18 years!  Well, there I go, living in the future again!  Instead, I guess I should get some sleep so we can hit the road again in the morning.


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