Trailers, toddlers and retirement

We were only home for two and a half days.  Just long enough to do the laundry, weed the flower beds, play a little golf and give the dried out lawn a good soaking.  Then it was off to Calgary to spend the weekend taking care of our grandson while our daughter and son-in-law were out of town to attend a wedding.

On the way to Calgary, we stopped at several RV dealerships to look at trailers.  We saw so many that I began to lose track of what I’d seen and my brain began to turn to mush.  After all that, we decided to buy the second one we’d looked at! The basic requirements were that it had to be small and lightweight enough to pull behind our Trailblazer. In addition, we had a fairly lengthy list of features that we were looking for.  The one we finally decided on is a 2005 model, 21 feet from hitch to bumper and in absolutely excellent condition.  It has everything we were looking for and more! It’s not quite as lightweight as the brand new models but we’re getting it for an excellent price and it falls within the weight limit that the vehicle can pull. I can hardly wait to pick it up but first we have to get the finances and insurance in place.

IMG_4789Once we got to Calgary, the fun began!  Fourteen months is a wonderful age.  Drew has changed a lot since we last saw him two and a half months ago. No more tottering baby steps; now he practically runs. He loves to go for walks and the playground is a favourite stop along the way. While the swings and the slide are fun, it’s playing with the gravel that holds his attention the longest! I guess the world looks a lot different from his perspective.  Grass that we barely notice is a thing of wonder to him!  Playing in his pool is also a favourite activity on a hot afternoon.  After all, you can do a lot with water.  Drinking it is part of the fun, of course, and since Mommy’s tomato plants share the balcony with his pool, they are very well watered! Visiting with his best buddy, the dog next door, is also lots of fun.

IMG_4810 IMG_4804 IMG_4811

IMG_4817 IMG_4793 IMG_4826

Drew did very well while his parents were away.  We were with him for a full day before they left; long enough to become familiar with his routine. He missed his Mommy, of course, especially when he woke up in the morning and she wasn’t there, but he was secure in his own surroundings and totally comfortable with us. Mommy did well too, only phoning home three times to see how things were going!

Now we’re home again for a little while; catching up on a few things that need to get done and playing a little more golf.  Once we have that new trailer, we’ll be back on the road again on our way to a family reunion in BC.  Yes, retirement definitely agrees with us!


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