Two days of rain!

We woke up to a steady rain yesterday morning. Thirty-six hours later, it’s still raining! I don’t remember the last time I saw a rain like this one here. We were supposed to golf in a charity tournament yesterday afternoon; a fundraiser for two local hospitals. It had to be postponed until next week but nobody’s complaining!

We could have used this rain back in early June. Instead, severe drought conditions have left the area with the worst crops since the 1930s. This rain’s not too late to be of some good, however. It should help the grain that’s there fill out, especially if it’s followed by more heat.

Canada switched to the metric system almost 40 years ago but in the farming community¬†rain is still measured in tenths of inches. Every farm has a rain gauge and comments like “we got seven tenths” are understood by all. Though we weren’t involved in farming until recently, we’ve had several rain gauges over the years but they always seem to get broken. The last one disappeared during our year away. I bought a new one today, however, and it’s now attached to a fence post and collecting rain. It’s too late to measure how much has already fallen but I’ve heard reports of approximately two inches and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping yet! Hooray!


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