Passport possibilities

Our new passports arrived in the mail today; 24 pristine pages waiting to be stamped and stapled! I wonder how many interesting places they will take us?

Fortunately, we were allowed to keep the old passports as souvenirs, reminders of times spent in fascinating and exotic places. Over the past five years, they took us to Japan twice (the second time for a whole year), South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau and, of course, back and forth across the American border several times. Their pages contain some very interesting documents such as our visas from the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. Perhaps the most interesting and memorable, however, are our Japan work visas which list us as Specialists in Humanities / International Service, a very fancy way of saying English Teacher!

Where might the new passports take us? I’m already planning a trip across the United States and into Atlantic Canada either next summer or the summer after. A return trip to Japan is an absolute must as we now have so many friends to visit there. In fact, if money was no object, we’d visit Japan regularly. There’s a very big world out there waiting for us though and so many places we haven’t been yet.

While we enjoy being tourists, we much prefer the idea of immersing ourselves in a culture and getting to know its people the way we did during our year in Japan. We also enjoy being retired, however, and have a growing family of grandchildren here in Canada so we aren’t likely to spend a whole year abroad again. Instead, we’re looking for short term opportunities of two or three months. We’re willing to go almost anywhere and do anything we’re capable of so who knows where that might lead us? The world is full of possibilities and the passports are ready to go!


One thought on “Passport possibilities

  1. Filling up your pasport sounds like fun. Mine has only two stamps in it, but it will have more very very soon! Have you heard of Voluntourism? You get to volunteer in a small village and also get to tour around. I think that you can go for as long or as short as you like. I have read about a few of the trips, and they sound like amazing oppourtunites to get to know the local folks and their culture. I had a goal when I was a child to visit every country in the world, I am slowly counting them down. I realize that I may not be able to visit them all (the world is a very big place) but I sure will get to see quite a few.

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