Written Sunday, October 12:

We missed Thanksgiving while living in Japan last year. We’re making up for it with two celebrations this year. Yesterday, I prepared the traditional turkey dinner at my parents’ home here in Vancouver. We were joined around the heavily laden table by my older brother, Donald; our son, Matt; his wife, Robin and our littlest grandson, Sam, who at just fifteen days old, weighed less than the turkey! It was his first introduction to his greatgrandparents. Today, we’ll be joining Robin’s family for a second Thanksgiving dinner at her parents’ home.

As we approached this Thankgiving season, I began to ask myself what I am truly thankful for this year.  Here, in no particular order, is a list of things that came to mind:

–   the free gift of salvation that makes everything else in life worthwhile

–   family, particularly the addition of grandchildren to my life

–  dreams come true, especially the opportunity to spend a year living in         Japan

–   the amazing country that we call home and the opportunity to enjoy so        much of it this year

–   retirement, the freedom to do what we want to do when we want to do it

–   good health

–   wonderful friends

–   financial security

–   contentment

What more could anyone ask for? I am truly blessed.


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