The haunted house


This has been the view out our front windows for the past seven months. For close to 30 years, we looked out at a vacant lot. In the summer, the town kept it mowed and it was a great place for kids to play. Several winters, when our children were young, Richard ran a garden hose across the street and flooded the lower end of the lot to provide a skating rink for the neighbourhood. We celebrated one of Matthew’s February birthdays with a skating party and bonfire on the vacant lot. Our old tent trailer spent many winters parked in one of its corners.

We didn’t really expect anyone to buy the long, narrow corner lot but shortly before we left for Japan, we learned that it had sold. While we were gone, we heard from friends and neighbours that a monster house was being built across from ours. We came back expecting to see a finished house but this is what greeted us. It hasn’t changed one iota since. We understand that it’s at the centre of a lawsuit between the owner and one of the contractors who insisted on being paid for work he didn’t do. Apparently, nothing more can be done until the suit is settled.

For awhile, during the summer, the lot became an eyesore with building supplies strewn around and gigantic weeds everywhere. I thought about complaining to the town office but before I did, the owners showed up and cleaned up a bit. That’s the only time I’ve seen them there.

Though the house is much too big for the lot and dwarfs everything around it, I like the design and was anxious to see what it would look like finished. Now, with so much time gone by, I wonder if it will ever be completed or if it will gradually deteriorate and eventually have to be torn down.

Recently, one of our neighbours referred to it as the haunted house. I hadn’t thought of it until then but it definitely has that look, especially at night with the moon rising over it. Tomorrow evening as I open the door to little ghosts and goblins, I’ll have to watch for spooks in the shadows of the haunted house!


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