Ready and waiting

Christmas is three days away and I’m ready and waiting. The cards are sent and the shopping done. The tree is decorated and the presents wrapped. Though I’m not usually very domestic, I’ve baked up a storm… nuts and bolts, shortbread, butter tarts, macaroons, toffee, and squares are ready to be eaten! Yum! Since preparing for Christmas last year involved packing our backpacks and heading off to Vietnam and Cambodia, it’s been two years since we last enjoyed all these holiday traditions.

Yes, we’re definitely ready but it’s really been today that I’ve been waiting for. There’s a little bed in the corner of the guest room, the booster chair is in the kitchen and the baby gate is at the top of the stairs. (Gram visited a few garage sales this summer!) There’s a basket of toys in the livingroom and some bright little bath toys just happened to jump into my grocery cart as I picked up some last minute supplies this morning.

This will be our first Christmas shared with a grandchild and oh, are we ready! Melaina, Aaron and Drew are arriving from Calgary today and Nathan from Edmonton. Matthew, Robin and Sam will be spending Christmas in Vancouver but the webcams are ready so that we can share some of our Christmas with them. Yes, Gram is definitely ready and waiting!


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