Christmas… family, fun and feasting

We had a wonderful Christmas! Of course, sharing it with our grandson, Drew, added to the fun. On Christmas afternoon, we introduced him to sledding on the little hill beside our yard. Gram, who well remembers sledding down hills near the University of Calgary on borrowed cafeteria trays, had a blast and apparently so did Drew. Melaina reported today that he was scooting back and forth across the floor sitting in her dustpan!

Nathan broke some great cross country ski trails out on the golf course which he and I enjoyed thoroughly. Many board games were also played. Nathan arrived with his games packed in a big Rubbermaid bin. After unpacking them into the bottom of our games closet, he introduced Drew to the bin and it became a favourite plaything for the two of them.

Of course, there were presents on Christmas morning. Before we opened ours, we enjoyed a visit with Matt and Sam via webcam. Matt’s reaction when he helped Sam open his present from us was absolutely delightful. Matt is a die hard Edmonton Oilers fan so we sent Sam a baby sized Oilers jersey! Drew, who has always loved playing with pots and pans was delighted with the play kitchen that Mommy and Daddy gave him. Of course, the box that it came in was also lots of fun to play in and he loved finding Gram and Uncle Nathan when we hid in it! The kitchen went home to Calgary but the box is in our basement waiting for his next visit.

In addition to playing, I spent lots of time in the kitchen. Though I’m not usually quite so well organized, I wrote up a menu in advance for the days that everyone would be here and made sure that I had all the necessary ingredients on hand so I didn’t have to waste any time grocery shopping. We definitely ate well! Not only did I do lots of baking before everyone arrived but Melaina brought about a ton of it with her! Then there were our traditional Christmas meals; tourtiere on Christmas Eve and, of course, turkey on Christmas day. Christmas dinner probably isn’t the best time to try out a new recipe but the carrots lyonnaise that my aunt introduced us to recently turned out very well. Escargots in mushroom caps has also become one of our Christmas traditions. We enjoyed those on Christmas evening after the turkey had had time to settle. Boxing Day was my day to relax a bit. I used the breadmaker that my aunt gave me recently to make fresh buns to go with the delicious french onion soup that Melaina made for lunch. My sister, Linda, her husband and their two youngest teens arrived later that afternoon with a cooler full of their Christmas dinner leftovers. We combined them with ours and enjoyed another feast. In fact, it was such a success that we might try it again another year. Someone recently told me that feasting is just one letter away from fasting and that’s what I probably ought to be doing now!

The house is quiet again and life is returning to its normal routines. We made some beautiful memories though and in the midst of it all, we took time to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. I took part in the Christmas Eve service at church and we were all there again on Sunday morning.


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