Moose in the yard

Several months ago, I wrote a “You know you live in a small town when…” blog entry. Today, I have something to add to it. You know you live in a small town when you wake up to find two moose in your backyard! That’s exactly what happened today.

When I opened the blinds, I first noticed that what had been pristine untouched snow yesterday was no longer. Something had obviously happened around the tree in the backyard. Then I noticed the huge moose just over the fence in the neighbour’s yard. Usually flocks of bohemian waxwings swoop into town and strip the mountain ash trees sometime during the winter. They haven’t come yet though and when they do, they’ll find that the lower branches of our tree and the neighbour’s have already been cleaned off. We watched for quite awhile as the mother moose and her nearly grown calf wandered back into our yard and casually finished their breakfast. They were obviously aware that we were watching but seemed quite unconcerned.

Eventually they stopped nibbling and stood totally still for a few moments. We could almost hear them thinking, “Hmm… maybe we should have left before it got so light out. How are we going to get out of here now?” Then they turned in unison and made a dash between the houses and out onto the street. I ran to the front window just in time to see them cross in front of a startled neighbour who had just turned the corner in his pickup truck. Fortunately for all concerned, he managed to avoid hitting either one of them but I suspect that it took awhile for his heart rate to return to normal! The huge animals ran down the street, across a yard and into the bushes that mark the edge of town leaving several piles of moose poop in our backyard and something exciting for the neighbours to talk about! Almost immediately, our phone rang and the neighbour across the street laughingly told me that our “pets” were out!

As fun as our morning moose experience was, here’s a link to an even better one.


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