Olympic connections

I’ve discovered yet another benefit to being retired; lots of time to watch the Olympics! I’ve never been an avid sports fan but loose connections to a couple of Canada’s athletes has me glued to the television for the events that they’re involved in.

Veteran speed skater, Kristina Groves, is our daughter-in-law Robin’s cousin. We’ve only met her once when we had Thanksgiving dinner together at Robin’s parents’ home in Richmond last fall but we watched with great excitement when she took bronze in the 3000 m on Sunday afternoon and finished fourth, just 6/100ths of a second behind the bronze medalist, in yesterday’s 1000 m. She has three events left. We’ll be cheering her on in the 1500 m on Sunday, the 5000 m next Wednesday and finally, the team pursuit a week from tomorrow.

As well as anticipating more than one medal for Kristina, we hope to see Kevin Martin, skip of the Canadian men’s curling team, lead them to a gold medal win. Though he’s made his home in Edmonton for many years, Kevin grew up and went to school here. We’ve met him at various community events over the years and are well acquainted with his parents and many other relatives. I’ve watched four of the five round robin games that he’s played so far. At this point, he’s undefeated but he faces a key challenge tomorrow when he takes on defending world champion David Murdoch of Great Britain who has beat him four times in a row. Hopefully we can cheer him on to a victory this time.

Though women’s curling doesn’t hold quite the same interest for me, I did enjoy watching Canada vs Japan. Our Canadian gals didn’t play particularly well but they managed to pull it out in the last end. I’ve also watched some downhill skiing and some snowboarding and when I watched South Korean, Mo Tae-bum, win gold in the men’s 500 m speed skate, it brought back memories of being in Seoul during the last summer Olympics. (See my post August 24, 2008)

I’m definitely not a hockey fan but immediately following Kristina’s skate on Sunday afternoon, I’ll be tuning in to the Canada vs US game. While I’ll try to follow the play, I’ll be most attentive when the cameras scan the crowd. Our son, Matt, who turns 30 that day will be there but what I’ll really be looking for will be our grandson, Sam, in his Canada jersey!


2 thoughts on “Olympic connections

  1. Realistically I think you’ll have a better chance of seeing Sam at the team pursuit. The oval camera men seem to show a lot of cute kids, and of course Sam is the cutest!

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