37 weeks

Melaina is 37 weeks today. Though her due date is still 3 weeks away, her pregnancy is technically considered full term. We had a bit of a false alarm again yesterday and thought that we might be heading for Calgary last night but once again, nothing happened and we continue to wait. Judging by the pictures she posted today, I don’t see how the wait can go on much longer. She looks like she’s about to explode! No wonder she’s uncomfortable.

We knew that once we turned the calendar page to April, life was going to become quite unpredictable. Though there are many things penciled in, everything is subject to change depending on when the baby arrives. We do know that we’ll be away from home next week but will we be holding down the fort in Vegreville while my sister and her husband get away to Bermuda or will we be in Calgary getting to know the newest member of the family? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we enjoyed a wonderful Easter. It began early Sunday morning when we watched via webcam as grandson, Drew, searched for Easter eggs. We loved his happy dance every time he found one! Soon we were off to the church for a celebration that began with a delicious breakfast. After church, we drove to Vegreville to join my sister and brother and their families for the remainder of the day.

The trip to Vegreville was also a trial run. Knowing that Melaina could phone at any time to tell us that it was time to come, we packed everything that we’d need to take to Calgary into the vehicle with us! Calgary is a 4 hour drive from either Sedgewick or Vegreville but if we’d had to come back here first, it would have added an hour to the trip. As it turned out, when the day was over we came home to continue our wait but we now know that we can have everything in the vehicle and be on our way in half an hour or less!


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