Farming again!

The blog has been oddly silent lately but, as many of you know, it’s seeding time in farm country and we are busy trying to get a crop in the ground before we have to leave for Vancouver on Wednesday.

When I first started filling in all the various things we hoped to accomplish and places we hoped to be during April and May on the calendar, I wondered how we’d possibly manage it all especially when so many things depended on a baby being born at the right time or the weather cooperating! Way back in early January, I began to pray that God would work out the timing as I knew that these things were way beyond my control. April came and went and everything fit together perfectly but I must admit that I was beginning to panic when the first week of May brought rain and snow that  left our previously thirsty land too wet for seeding. My faith may have been small but He who knows the number of our days (Psalm 39:4) was faithful. This week perfect weather has allowed us to put in several long, uninterrupted days and we have made excellent progress.

Things didn’t go quite as smoothly today but still much was accomplished. First, replacing the air conditioner motor on Richard’s tractor delayed him for an hour or so. Air conditioning may sound like a luxury but when you’re working in an enclosed cab, completely surrounded by windows with the sun streaming in, it’s essential. Without it, he would soon have been roasted Richard!

Then the fuel pump in the old half ton that serves as a multi purpose chore truck and carries the tank used to refuel the tractors sprung a leak. I love that old red and white Dodge and am glad that it’s only temporarily out of commission but in the meantime, until it’s repaired we needed another way to get gas to the tractors. Fortunately, Louis’ stepson had a spare tank that was soon loaded on the back of one of his trucks for us to use.

Regardless of the circumstances, Louis’ equipment never runs on Sundays and I respect him for that. This means that we have just three days left before our departure. Commitments in Vancouver (more about that later) mean that we cannot delay but if the weather continues to be favourable and we don’t have any major breakdowns, we could be finished. If not, we should be close enough for Louis to be able to finish without us.


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