Trailer time

We spent almost two weeks sleeping in the trailer this month without ever leaving our driveway! While our kids and grandkids were home, it served as an extra bedroom and regardless of how often babies woke during the night, we slept soundly! Melaina and her little family had the guest room while Matt, Robin and Sam used our room. On the weekends, Nathan joined us and slept in his old room in the basement.

What a wonderful two weeks it was! Hours spent playing with two year old Drew and nine month old Sam as well as cuddling with seven week old Jami-Lee. Sunlit days spent walking to the playground, lounging in the backyard, splashing in the kiddie pool and golfing with Matt. Evenings spent playing Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.

Since the last of the clan packed up and headed for home the day before yesterday, the house has been very quiet but we’ve been busy getting the trailer packed and ready to serve as our home away from home for the next month or so. We leave Wednesday morning on a trip through the central States. Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and wherever else takes our fancy. I love blogging about our travels and hope you’ll follow along!


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